Many people, many religions, many philosophers, many seekers have touched upon the same essence. The word you choose does not matter. Choose

Me – my soul, my Neshama, my Higher Self, the Piece of Gd inside of me, my Da’at Elyon, The Vortex, my inner being, the watcher.

God – the ineffable, indescribable, Hashem (the Hebrew word meaning “The Name.”); Source, the Universe, Oneness, the source of all Goodness, the Source of all Life, Chi, the Unmanifested, the flow within us. She. We often use masculine pronouns to describe Gd. Gd is no more a He than a She. Gd is the perfect blending of masculine and feminine. S/He is compassion, caring, holding, seeing, soft like a mother. Strong, courageous, powerful like a father. (These adjectives are based only on my own life experience with the roles played by my mother and father – yours might be different). That is why I also try to use female pronouns at time throughout my writings.

Connection – flow, resonance, Deveikuit, riding the wave, flowing in the river

**Letting Go** – the act of choosing to do the thing that is easy, focus on the thing that feels good, act only when you feel connected to your inner being, and not blame anyone for your unhappiness / look to anyone/anything else to fix you.

Resistance – any dissatisfaction with what is. An association with the mind which traps you in self-limiting beliefs about what you can and can’t do or have. A feeling of tension in the body and thoughts associated with blame, stress, depression, unhappiness, anger, and resentment. Such feelings are filled with lots of shoulds.

Emotional Mind States – Thoughts any emotions often work together. Pure thought triggers emotions which trigger more thought. It’s when you're feeling what you’re thinking. This can be unconscious (which usually results in anxious loops) or it can be directed (to facilitate positive change). It’s extremely powerful, as demonstrated by people who have PTSD, because it actually re-traumatizes the person.