I am not advocating for any illegal activity by anyone. If you are in a place where they are legally and safely obtainable, use at your own discretion, with guidance, and with wisdom. They are powerful tools. They are not the answer.

Psychedelics kill our ego. They open our hearts and allow the energy to actual flow once more through the body. That is why we often feel extremely alive on psychedelics. Personally, all aches and pains leave my body and I feel totally relaxed and loose.

Psychedelics reconnect us to oneness which is why people experience and witness profound beauty, connection to others, clarity on what they want, love and compassion for themselves, healing of the past, creative flow, etc.

You can achieve these things on your own through your own consciousness work. You can feel like you’re micro-dosing every day of your life without taking anything. Colors become sharper, the mind becomes clearer, we get to see other humans beings as human beings, not just objects.

Should I Use Psychedelics?

First answer: I cannot answer that without meeting you. Recognize that different psychedelics do different things to different people.

Second answer: probably.

Regardless, psychedelics are a tool and they cannot be the end goal. They give us a glimpse of what we can achieve. They help us feel something we may never have felt before. If we understand that we create by feeling reality before it is actualized, psychedelics can be enormously powerful tools for us in manifesting new states of being. But they are easy and their effect wears off and we are left again, standing in our own struggles, facing our own egos. If you’re answer to that fall from the sun is to just do psychedelics again, you’re missing the point and walking a dangerous path. Integration is the key.

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